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Woodbank Cricket
In July 2008 Woodbank Cricket Club, Bury, had a single lane concrete practice facility with a rusting
frame which it decided no longer met the requirements of a growing club. They therefore took the first
tentative steps towards providing a new state of the art modern facility.
The site for new facility was a mixture of rough derelict ground and an old 30.00m long concrete base. It
also accommodated the scoreboard which had to be demolished and replaced before works could
Internal and external views of the facility show the batting and bowling ends with frame and netting and
the heavy duty 3.00m high perimeter fence. The fence has 8.00m wide double leaf gate access, with the
gates swinging inwards against the sides of the fence so as not to be a hazard as bowlers run up.
The club opted to have one Premier and one Test Match system batting end and both were constructed
and levelled prior to the surfacies being laid.
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"The Club took time speaking to a number of companies
who specialise in installing non turf practice areas and
chose Verde Sports Cricket because of their
professionalism and the fact that Peter (Dury) was always
willing to come along whilst the project was being
developed, giving advice and tips along the way.
The installation process was first rate and the club have a
practice area to be proud of, the surface is fantastic!"

Martin Kay - Project co-ordinator