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Wonderful Winter
Orpington Cricket Club have replaced an old
double bay facility with a quadruple bay
surrounded by a secure perimeter fence.
Two of each base formation were installed
as 24.00m strips with Verdegrass 14
surrounds and run ups.
The period between November and March normally mean a barren period for the installation of new cricket facilities. With short days,
frost and the occasional snow works are as a rule restricted to the odd resurface project or servicing during February.
But the 2011-12 winter has bucked the norm and seen the installation of four major practice pitch projects at Orpington, Kent, Stourport
on Severn, Worcestershire, Carsons and Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire and Baxenden, Lancashire.
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Stourport Cricket Club have a new
quadruple bay facility also consisting of two
of each base formation in 24.00m
continuous strips and Verdegrass 14
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Carsons and Mangotsfield Cricket Club
have a triple bay with a secure perimeter
fence encompassing the bowlers run ups.
A mixture of base formations were installed
and the club had batting and bowling ends
with Verdegrass 14 surrounds and run ups.
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