Cricket Club
In the spring of 2008 after a period of raising funds Upperthong Cricket Club engaged Verde Sports
Cricket Ltd to construct a double bay practice facility. With the growth in the clubs youth
development programme the provision of off field practice facilties became essential to further
future development.
In the two seasons since the pitches were constructed not only has the Junior section had
considerable success but the clubs first team has achieved back to back promotions
The ground sloped extensively in both directions but a location was found outside the boundary
where the area could be levelled and graded to the new level without affecting the boundaries of
the playing area.
Firstly the area was re-graded to the level at the run ups to enable bowlers to run on the field and
on to the bowling ends and to reduce the fall to within the minimum requirements of ECB.
The facility consists of one
Premier and one Test Match
system batting end with bowling
ends, surround surfacing in
Verdegrass 14 plus an 18.30m
heavy duty frame and netting.
The outer edges were banked so
as not to create a sheer drop
down to the nets.
"The nets have been great since we had them. Our first
team has been promoted for each of the last two seasons
and our juniors have had silverware coming out of their
ears so they have undoubtedly made a difference!
We have also increased membership as the facility, plus
other ground enhancements, have added to the
attractiveness of the club."
Robert Oakley - Coach