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Cricket Club
Although the original facility had been cut into a bank the gradient
was greater than ECB recommendations so further excavations
were required to reduce the gradient to 1:100 along the length.
Two Premier systems and one Test Match system were selected
with the overall length extending to 33.00m.
After moving to the Blaguegate Lane ground the club had a double bay facility installed consisting
of 30m strips within a cage. Over the years this had fallen into disrepair and the grass growth
around the base of the frame had been a continual problem.
It was therefore decided to repalce this facility with a new triple bay facility including run ups and a
secure perimeter fence to form a self contained practice area.
After seeking proposals and designs the club appointed Verde Sports Crikcet Ltd to install the new
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An 18.30 x 3.60m triple bay frame was installed and the whole
facility surrounded by a 2.40m high Barker Sport Bronze fence.