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Eccleshall Cricket Club
Eccleshall Cricket Club wished to develop a double bay practice facility and acquired an area of
land adjacent to their field previously used to graze cattle. After discussions with the local
authority regarding planning permission and two mature trees within the new land a position was
The proposed location ran alongside an established hedgerow and being a farmers field contained
long grass and numerous undulations. There was also a substantial fall particularly down the length
which had to be graded before the facility could be constructed.
Formations of the batting and bowling ends and the base for the surround surfacing
can be clearly seen. To prevent future potential damage by roots from the
hedgerow and the mature trees a root barrier was constructed along two edges of
the facility.
The completed facility with a
Test Match and a Premier
batting end, bowling ends and
Verdegrass 14 surfacing to the
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Steve Lightfoot, Development Officer
Eccleshall Cricket Club.

"We chose Verde Sports Cricket because I felt
Peter Dury took the time to explain the different
options available and wanted to provide our club
with the solution that best fitted our needs."