Chippenham Rugby Club
Expanding into cricket
When Linden Homes acquired the former Westinghouse sports ground the plan
was for Westinghouse Cricket Club to move to a new ground at Allington Playing
fields alongside Chippenham Rugby Club. Unfortunately before this could happen
the club folded in 2014 due to lack of playing members.
Between them Linden Homes and the Rugby club decided to continue with the
development and resurrect an alternative to Chippenham Cricket Club. A new
square and pavilion were constructed and early in 2018 Verde Sports Cricket were
approached to install a double bay practice facility.
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In order not to affect use on other parts
of the ground a site was selected with a
significant cross-fall. This meant that not
only did the area need cutting in at the
batting end but also built up at the
bowling ends.
Two ECB approved Premier system
batting ends were selected along with
bowling ends and Verdegrass 14
Works involved not only the building of
the facility but also the grading of the
surrounds to the new facility level.
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The 42mm heavy duty frame and
netting were erected and the finishing
touch was the importation of 20
tonnes of screened topsoil to grade
the perimeter and the bowlers run ups.
It is hoped that the new ground will be
attractive enough to encourage
cricketers from surrounding villages to
join and make use of the now
excellent brand new facilities.